Golden Laced Orpington

Golden Laced Orpington


There are many feather styles of Orpingtons, we decided to work the the golden laced because we think they are stunning! One of our new releases for 2017 we have loved watching our breeding group grow and develop into their full selves. Exquisitely laid back and large, these birds move about the pasture like that old school boat of a Cadillac your grandmother used to drive. They are confident, gentle and excellent foragers.

As with all of our breeds here on the farm, the roosters are safe for children to be around and they are perfect gentlemen with the hens.

Our golden laced breeding group is comprised of golden laced males and golden laced hens as well as black laced hens. We like having the inverse of color in our hens to provide some color variation within the flock.


Hawks don’t dare try to pickup these birds, they are a great choice for free ranging on open pasture. Laying an average of 5 tan eggs a week, they are a worth their weight for the beauty they will ad to your flock. Hens don’t go broody often but when they do they are very attentive mothers and the roosters also like to escort the young chicks around the yard.

Hatching Eggs: $8 each or $80/dz

Unsexed Chicks up to two weeks of age: $25