Golden Laced Orpingtons

🌿Golden Laced Orpingtons🌿

I have a lot of folks ask me if a particular breed is “chatty” or “noisy”. I have found that all of the breeds we work with are naturally quiet unless they are laying an egg or a predator is present which seems like an appropriate time to make some noise!
The common mistake chicken owners make is giving their flock treats in the morning. If the group gets used to having treats first thing they will start to call for you, wondering where their daily deliciousness is. We favor giving table scraps during the afternoon. Everyone comes running but they don’t bok at me if I am out to look at a watering system or auto door. 😊
For their size, our golden laced orpingtons are remarkably quiet. They will give low cooing noises but I can only hear it when I am right next to them. They are not prone to a daily egg song as a cream legbar is. They are in and out of the nest without much fanfare or fuss ❤️
It is rare that a hen is equally as beautiful as a rooster of the same breed. The golden laced Orpington is one of those breeds that is just all around beautiful, personable, safe for all ages to handle and hilarious to watch. They are not particularly agile birds, they romp around the farm when running and when walking they saunter like large clouds or your grandmothers boat of a Cadillac. 🌿
If you are looking for a breed for overall sweetness, pet like ability and large eggs – this is the breed for you! ❤️

alchemist_farmGolden Laced Orpingtons

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