Yesterday the first rain of the year began here in Northern California. We knew it was coming so our littlest farm hand helped me move the birds while we closed off pastures to reseed them.
With each handful of crimson clover, barley, oats and Rye scattered I said a prayers of gratitude. Gratitude for the promise of rain, for the final end to this years long fire season, for a home and farm still standing, for the birds we get to take care of, for clean air – water – food growing in our garden. 🌿
As the last pasture was seeded the rain began to fall in ernest and I looked away from the land up and to the birds. For many of them, this was the first time they have experienced rain. They were all not sure what to make of the moment. The roosters who usually signal the alarm when something is new in the barnyard all stood quietly, looking up and opening their wings. All was quiet as the sky kissed the earth.
There is so much to be thankful for in this life. Even when we are given challenging moments or circumstances there are ALWAYS silver linings to look for. Focusing on the incredible gifts we have been given puts our hearts and minds in the right place. If we have clean air, water, shelter and food we have it all! 🌿