Beginning Chicken Keeping


After ordering the class we will send you a login code to be able to access the class online.


Beginning Chicken Keeping Class Outline

  • All about the egg, store bought vs. pasture raised
  • Overview of breeds of chickens, choosing the right breeds for your back yard be it breeds for pets, strong egg producers, meat producers, or dual purpose.
  • Purchasing chicks.
  • Brooding chicks (including all equipment needed).
  • Building and or purchasing a predator proof coop with a chickens well being and optimal comfort in mind.
  • Equipment for feeding and watering your chickens.
  • Correct feed for the various stages of your chickens life, where to get it and how to properly store it.
  • Proper bedding for your coop, how to clean your coop and sustainable reuse of the bedding from the coop.
  • Setting yourself up for success in how you relate to your flock and daily interactions.
  • Normal chicken behavior vs. basic signs of illness.
  • Collection and proper storage of eggs.