Advanced Chicken Keeping


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Advanced Chicken Keeping Class Outline

  • Home breeding and incubation.
  • Overview of various incubators on the market.
  • Proper incubation technique, what temperature and humidity to be aiming for. (A handout will be provided covering this).
  • Incubating with a machine vs. a broody hen, health benefits of both methods.
  • Selecting eggs to incubate, testing for fertility and viability. (We will crack an egg open to show signs of fertility).
  • Candling of eggs
  • Feather and egg color genetics of breeds, how to create your own breed (A handout will be provided with charts for easy reference).
  • Holistic health management of the flock.
  • Setting up proper biosecurity and how to maintain it.
  • Proper wing trimming technique
  • Signs and symptoms of sickness, overview of various common illnesses.
  • What to keep in the home veterinary kit.
  • Treatments for common ailments.