Individual French Black Copper Marans Hatching Egg


Interested in adding chocolate colored eggs to your daily egg collecting basket? This is the breed for you!

Available dates for shipping / pickup

Please select an available date from the calendar below. Note that available dates are shown in green. We ship exclusively on Tuesdays and we offer pickups from the farm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of each week.


We receive a 95% hatch rate on all of our hatching eggs here at the farm when we use our incubators. We cannot guarantee the hatch rate of shipped eggs because of postal handling as well as everyones individual hatching practices. We can guarantee that they will arrive intact. 🙂 

We can fit up to 24 eggs into a shipping box for a flat rate of $25. For orders over 24 eggs we will charge for a second shipping box. 

We are really excited about our Marans for the 2022 breeding program. After eight years of tinkering we believe we have finally found the perfect balance of stunning dark chocolate egg color, high production, lovely temperament and beauty.

The roosters are excellent at protecting the flock and making sure the hens fall back to the coop if a predator enters the barnyard from the land or sky.

The marans egg is always the egg that will stop people in their tracks when they look at a dozen. The color and quality of the eggs that our marans lay is one of the many things that makes our breeding program stand out in comparison to larger hatcheries. You will not be disappointed by the look of both the birds and eggs of this breed.

Our girls and boys are all feathered on shake and their outside toes. 90% of our females have nice copper expression in their necks and all have an excellent disposition. Our Alchemist Line of French Black Copper Marans are a mix of Bev Davis, Little Peddler and Wade Jean.

This breed cannot be sexed as chicks, they are sold straight run which means each chick has a 50/50 chance of being male or female.