Surprise Box Of 10 Chicks


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Please select an available date from the calendar below. Note that available dates are shown in green. We ship exclusively on Tuesdays and we offer pickups from the farm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday of each week.



30% of the chicks are guaranteed females. 70% of the chicks in this box straight run meaning we cannot guarantee the gender of your chicks and each has a 50/50 chance of being male or female. The box will include at least 1 Ameraucana and if available 1 Alchemist Gentle Giant.

This box contains two special breeds that are only offered in this box: our Ameraucana and our Alchemist Gentle Giant. The Alchemist Gentle Giant is a Croad Langshan, Moss egger, Ameraucana mix that yields a large framed bird that is remarkably gentle, sweet, cold hearty and layers of large pale green eggs (if you get hens) customers who have received these birds in the past have fallen in love with them just as much as we have!

Have you been eyeing our chickens and know that you would like some chicks but cannot make up your mind on the breeds? Let us choose for you.

For $205 (shipping included) or $150 picked up we will send you a balanced little flock of 10 chicks that will yield egg colors such as greens, blues, creams, tans and chocolates. All the breeds will get along well in the barnyard and grow up to be beautiful. The box will be comprised of 20% guaranteed female chicks and 80% straight run chicks which means you will most likely receive some roosters but we will never purposely put in chicks that we can sex as male upon hatch. 🙂

You do not get to select the breeds that go into the box but you can put a note in the checkout process to let us know what breeds you are most excited about or if you live in a particularly cold or hot climate and want us to select climate resilient breeds for you.

How does it work? We ship every Tuesday and will begin shipping these boxes February 18th through September. You can schedule your shipment for any Tuesday on the calendar between February 18th and September 10th.

When checking out if this is the only chick option you are selecting our system will think that you are ordering 1 chick (we know you are ordering 10, never fear!) you will need to add 9 of the “free male chick” option to bring your cart up to 10 chicks so our system will allow you to check out. When doing this we know you do not actually want then free male chicks – thank you for your patience with our checkout process!

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