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Fresh Chicks Due Out April 27th

Happy Spring Everyone! A fresh batch of sweet Cream Legbar, French Black Copper Maran and Olive Egg Laying chicks (our mix of our French Black Copper Maran Rooster with our Amerucana laying hens) are due out Monday April 27th.

Reserve your beautiful egg layers through facebook or through our email [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cream Legbar Chicks Next To Their Sky Blue Eggs

alchemist_farmFresh Chicks Due Out April 27th
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What Does A Chicken Hatching Look Like?

Ever wondered what a chicken hatching out of an egg looks like? Here are some fun peck by peck shots of some chicks making their way out of their eggs after being in the incubator for 21 days.

After hatching the chicks stay in the incubator to dry out and “fluff up” while other chicks hatch out of their eggs.

Once all of the chicks have hatched they are placed in a brooder under a heat lamp and given access to chick crumble and fresh clean water.

cream-legbar-and-isbar-chicks-in-brooder1-e1428473968400-744x495.jpgStay tuned for reviews on different incubators and brooding techniques. Happy hatching everyone!


alchemist_farmWhat Does A Chicken Hatching Look Like?
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Cleopatra The Cream Legbar

So! You Have Some Fresh Baby Chicks. What Should You Do With Them? Why . . . . Dress Them Up Of Course!  Presenting Cleopatra The Cream Legbar Chick

cleopatra the creamlegbar


All Goofyness Aside, The Best Thing To Do With Your Fresh Baby Chick (After You Have Gotten Your Cute “Ya Ya’s” Out Is To Keep Them Warm And Well Fed/Watered In A Brooder Until They Are Hardy Enough To Run Around Outside.

Have some cute pictures of your own to share? Send them to us at [email protected] We will pick the best of the lot and share them on our site!

alchemist_farmCleopatra The Cream Legbar
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