The Beginning of a Cycle

🌱The Beginning of a Cycle🌱
Today is the day we turn on our incubators for the first time in 2024 to start the process of bringing our hatchery out of dormancy. As each incubator hums to life we say a prayer over each egg, every bird, all the humans here on the farm, every person who will be supporting us and every shipment of birds we will be sending out. We give thanks and also ask for protection for us all. We are connected through these little eggs that will turn into chicks in a profound way that words cannot do justice.
This powerful moment for us acknowledges all of the incredible daily work it takes to keep 14 different breeds of chickens happy and healthy. Happy chickens lay strong viable eggs. Those eggs allow us to hatch healthy chicks which are the manifestation of our labors of love. All the positive energy we pour into our land and flocks gets sent out into the world, we hope that you feel it when our chicks arrive to you – they are like little love letters from each us ❤️
While the weather is cold and rainy for us and snowing for most of the United States, our incubators will quietly hum away as they turn the eggs, warm them and provide the perfect humidity for life to form. In 21 days our first hatchlings of 2024 will emerge and we will be hatching weekly there after until October 2024.
Pre-orders for all available hatching dates in 2024 are open on our website. Will you be bringing some of our chicks into your flock this season?

alchemist_farmThe Beginning of a Cycle

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