The Daily Egg Hunt

Here on the farm our hens are secure in the coop at night but completely free range on pasture during the day. We built the ladies many nice nesting boxes but they seem to enjoy laying all willy nilly in our barn and in little secret spots around the field. While it may take a few more minutes to collect the eggs, our smallest farm hand is getting eggcellent practice for when easter rolls around the stakes involve stickers in plastic shaped eggs.

Here are some fun images of our ladies in action:

This little pearl leghorn loves to hide out and nest next to our straw bedding

Chicken Hiding to Lay an Egg Alchemist Farm Sebastopol CaliforniaWhile these eggs were left behind by one of our olive eggers and a rhode island red under a tarp that covers our alfalfa.

Thankfully many hands make light of the work that is collecting the days eggs:

alchemist_farmThe Daily Egg Hunt

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