Our Broody Marans Gets Her Chicks

When we discovered that one of our French Black Copper Marans was broody we tried a few techniques to get her off the nest and when all failed we decided to give her some chicks. We waited until a fresh batch of day old chicks hatched out and carefully slid three chicks under her breast while she puffed up and told us what for.

We all held our breath and watched for a moment and then to our surprise and enjoyment the chicks started nuzzling up in her feathers, jumping around on her back and chirping at her while she clucked and started to guide them toward food – it was nothing short of magical!

It has been a month now and the chicks still follow her around the yard and nuzzle up to her at night.

Broody Marans Hen With Her Adopted Chicks Alchemist Farm Sebastopol CA

alchemist_farmOur Broody Marans Gets Her Chicks

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