Workshops In 2018

Normally our farm is closed to the public to protect the biosecurity of our flocks and land. In 2017 we opened our gate for the first time to host a day of beginning and advanced chicken keeping classes taught by Franchesca Duval. Back by popular demand, in 2018 we will be offering the same chicken […]

Alchemist Farm Is The Feature Article In Acreage Life This Month!

  We are doubly honored to be the feature article in the national publication Acreage Life this month! The article is a really in depth description of what it takes for us to do what we do here on the farm. For the full length article follow this link. Happy reading!    

Alchemist Farm Makes The Cover of Made Local Magazine!

We are thrilled and honored to be on the cover of Made Local Magazine here in Sonoma County! A fun full article was written about us by the talented Leilani Clark! Check out the link below for the story 🙂

Talking Chicken At The Gravenstein Apple Fair

Talking chicken at the Gravenstein Apple Fair! We are committed to educating folks on humane ways of raising chickens and were thrilled to be invited to speak at this years Gravenstein Apple Fair. The head chicken wrangler gave a 45 minute presentation on chicken raising basics with Patricia the partridge silkie happily tucked under her […]

Blue Ribbons For Our Birds From The National Heirloom Expo

Blue Ribbons All Around From The National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa! We keep a closed flock here on the farm which means that we do not bring any new birds onto the premises. We do this to protect the health of our breeding stock from various diseases other flocks can carry. We are proud […]

Hatching Eggs And Chicks Are Shipping Now

We have been starting off the hatching season with a bang. We set and hatch twice a week so there is always a nice variety of chicks on hand here at the farm. Fantastic folks from all over the country have been ordering hatching eggs and chicks from us. We take great care and time […]

Silly Serama

Silly Serama Our smallest of breeds has been bringing us a lot of laughter and joy these past few weeks. We have been free ranging our little flock near a briar thicket that they can dash into if a hawk comes. Every now and again they get adventurous and saunter up to the back door […]

Fresh Pasture For Our Isbar Flock

Fresh pasture for our Isbar flock.  I woke up at 5 this morning, the air was crisp and still. My family was asleep as were all the hens so I seized the moment. After scraping ice off the windshield of our trusty old truck TinkerBell I hitched our mobile coop up and pulled it from […]

Egg Collecting Baskets

A new egg collecting basket for a new year. One of my favorite Christmas presents came from our neighbors – a hand woven basket of dogwood, sea grass, hemp twine, wool, redwood bark- so beautiful!

Now Thats a Hairdo!

Here at the farm we specialize in breeds that lay beautiful eggs in high production but we also have two breeds that are more of what we call “trophy birds”. The kind that when you look at a flock of chickens really catch your friends eye and cause them to say “what on earth is […]