Holistic Care of Your Flock

There are many methods of caring for livestock. Here at Alchemist Farm we take a holistic approach and ensure that we boost our flocks natural immunity and health by giving them access to pasture from sun up to sun down, clean water, clean unmedicated food, monthly raw apple sider vinegar in their water (1 -2 […]

Supporting Local Breeders Over Hatcheries Is Important & Humane

Warning: This article on hatchery vs. our breeding practices is a bit unsettlingĀ but important to read if you are serious about raising chickens and want to know where your eggs and meat come from . Most folks don’t think twice when they pick up chicks from their feed store or order them online from major […]

What Does A Chicken Hatching Look Like?

Ever wondered what a chicken hatching out of an egg looks like? Here are some fun peck by peck shots of some chicks making their way out of their eggs after being in the incubator for 21 days. After hatching the chicks stay in the incubator to dry out and “fluff up” while other chicks […]